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Typical Website Costs

Web sites are not free. While some services say they are, you're limited to one or two pages, have to allow them to place banner or pop up advertising in your site and end up with some long URL that nobody can remember. If you are serious about having a good web site that reflects your business in a positive manner you will have to pay some costs. The typical web site costs you can expect are:

Development & Maintenance

If you opt to have a web designer develop your site you will have to pay that designer. Even if you decide to try and design it yourself, you're going to have to purchase a good web design software program, which can run into thousands of rands. And you will have to learn how to use it, which is very time-consuming.

The normal costs for a web site from most web site developers can easily run into thousands of rands, mostly because they try to sell you things that you really don't need in your site like flash presentations or complicated content management systems. If the site is not designed for minimal maintenance ongoing fees can easily eat away at your budget.

Domain Name

This is the URL for your web site, or your web address (e.g. You have two options for your domain name. You can rent it or purchase it.

If you purchase it, you will own that domain name. You can purchase a domain name through your local service provider or go directly to the company that operates the domain name registry.

Many hosting companies offer free or discounted domain names if you use their service. Keep in mind that you won't own the domain name. You will just be renting it from that company. And, if you stop using that company's services you will lose that domain name.


You need an internet service provider to host your web site unless you want to buy a server, get a T1 connection etc. This would be expensive and is not recommended.

Internet service providers will charge you a monthly fee to host your site on their servers. There are many differences is hosting services. Some offer low cost hosting with limited services while others offer a variety of services.

Option 1

Up to 4 pages with graphics, Free search engine optimisation, Mobile Friendly, Minimal graphical designs,
(mainly used for home web sites)

Option 2

Up to 5 pages with graphics, Free search engine optimisation, Mobile Friendly, Minimal to Advanced graphical designs
(Most popular Choice)

Option 3

Up to 10 pages with graphics Free search engine optimisation, Mobile Friendly, Complex graphical designs,
(Small Business Web Sites)

Option 4

15 or more pages with graphics, Free search engine optimisation, Mobile Friendly, Complex graphical designs,
(Larger Businesses with a large portfolio of services and products)

Option 5

Pages to suit your needs, Free search engine optimisation, Mobile Friendly, Advanced designs tailored to your needs,
(Contact us for a free quotation)

Our pricing structure for web design and related services is divided into 2 sections.

1. Web Design
2. Site Maintenance

A standard site contains approximately 5-10 pages with one script.

Kindly note that there are additional costs with regard to travelling and the taking of digital photos, video footage etc. These can be discussed once a design package option has been decided upon.


“Thank you very much for all your hard work. Our website is looking awesome!!”

“This is so exciting - I feel like I just ate a great big chocolate! Our website looks so cool”

“Thank you so much for everything you done!! The comments about the website are extremely positive!!”

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